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The Art & Science of $1,000 Days on the Internet

Editors note:  This is the text from an email I received this morning from my friend, mentor and business partner, Jeff Lerner.  It’s worth the read–then take action!  Cheers!  Steve

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Jeff Lerner

Not a day goes by that I don’t get asked…

“Jeff, how can I make $1,000 per day online?”

And my answer is that there is both an art & a science behind making thousand-dollar commissions.

Once you learn how the two go hand in hand, you too can write your own ticket to unlimited income.

Me, personally – I spent probably a thousand hours trying to figure it all out.

Not without a TON of frustration, though.

Seriously, I used to just sit in front of my computer, dazed and confused about what to do next.

I mean, I KNEW that there was a fortune to be made online – I just hadn’t figured it out yet.

Where to start.

What to do first.

What do do next.

I went through the wringer, investing in course after course after course, to get someone to show me how it all worked.

Eventually, I found a mentor, and discovered a vehicle where I could put it all together.

Before that, it cost me well over $400K of failed attempts in business before I finally figured out how to create my own online sales machine.

It was slow at first, but then…

… it began pumping out commissions like crazy!

I started telling my friends about it, and several of them tried it too.

The thing was, they didn’t have any experience, and so to be quite honest, they FAILED, big time.

And they lost a TON of money, too.

Then I thought to myself…

“What if I packaged everything I learned, during my trial and error, and taught my friends everything I know?”

And then…

“What if I just simply gave them my online marketing machine, and let them copy everything I was doing, from Traffic, Lead Generation, the Formula, the Websites, Sales Letters, Videos, Follow Up, even my own Sales Coaches.”

After all, it’s like a license to print money.

So, that’s what I’ve done.

My entire business, and business model, packaged into a complete “Turn Key / Done for You” Model.

Matter of fact…

I created a 16 Steps to 6 Figures Training that covers this “Weird 1K per Day Commission” Formula that I discovered in the process of getting rich online.

And here’s the thing:

I’m willing to give it to you for FREE, just for submitting an application at my website.

You can do that here <—

My training has set thousands of people free, already.

Many have already gone on to pay off all their bills, get out of debt, reduce a TON of financial pressure, and restore
a LOT of families.

Go now, and watch my video. I explain everything.

Shut down any distractions, and actually listen to the gems that I’m going to share with you.


When it makes sense and you like what you see, submit an application to join my 16 Steps to 6 Figures Team.

I will literally give you my 16 Steps to 6 Figures Video Tool Kit for FREE, just for applying.

Watch this asap and let’s get you on the right track.

One of my Top Business Coaches will call you right away.

They will walk you through each step in the process and unlock the exact Business Plan our Members are using
right now to bank $1,000 commissions right out the gate!

It’s all right here for you, and I’ll teach you everything I know – if you’ll let me.

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