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The Mindset of a Winner
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The Mindset of a Winner

Editor’s Note:  What is your mindset?  Is it that of a winner or are you continuing to drown in the pity potty?  This famous quote by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grown Rich, states “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” .   It’s been a while since I posted something from my favorite email author, Jeff Lerner, due to some medical issues.  He’s my friend, business partner and mentor.  Read this if your mindset needs some attention.  Then, get started!

The mind is powerful.

What we think, is possible. When we believe we will fail, we do. To set ourselves up for success it is important to
create a winning mindset.

The Mindset of a Winner

Jeff Lerner, CEO Lifestyle Design International

Focusing on the impossibility of a task sets us up for failure.  When we possess this mindset and then fail, our natural reaction is: “I knew it all along, I’m a failure.” It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Focusing on the positive encourages us forward.

When we possess this mindset and fail, our reaction becomes one of determination. The failure is not defeat but only a challenge along the road to success. When we succeed our reaction is, “I knew it all along!”
Self-imposed limitations must be overcome to create a winning mindset.

Would you like me to help you overcome and create your best life? I know what it takes to create amazing results thanks to a powerful change in mindset, but…

I can’t help you.

Why not? Because you must ALLOW yourself the freedom to think differently. You need to allow yourself the  freedom to do things differently. And guess what? My entire T3FP Formula was designed from the ground up to help you overcome your greatest obstacles (including yourself) and help you not only create a winning mindset but…

An amazing business that brings with it unlimited financial freedom.

Are you ready to embrace your new future? It starts Here next.

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The Mindset of a Winner
Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business

The Day Everything Changed [When is your day?]

Editor’s note:  Another of Jeff Lerner’s emails I receive that continue to motivate and inspire me.  Some of the reasons I’m involved with Jeff and his team is the honesty he displays not only about business but his personal thoughts, his character and his strong desire to help others get from where he was to where he is now.  Truly believable and refreshing in this crazy world of online marketing.  Please read this and previous emails I’ve posted from Jeff on this site.  Thank you and continued success to you!

Just a handful of years ago I was surfing online looking for a legit way to make money from home (on my own terms) because I was fed up with “the rat race” and knew I needed something more than just playing one-off piano gigs and living from paycheck to paycheck.

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

That afternoon is still so VIVID in my mind… I can see it just as clearly as the moment I clicked on the ad. It said, “I made $87,377 in the last 84 days. See how here.”

I was both absolutely blown away when I read that and utterly inspired because at that moment I believed…

I believed in the power of the Internet. The picture of my soon-to-be sponsor and the income he then went on and proved that he was making was the moment it all changed for me.

From that moment on until today, I can honestly say that it was a complete answer to prayer… It really was! Living the lifestyle I now do today, and have done so for years, came from the moment I took action on that little ad online.

So what’s your defining moment? Have you had a defining moment where things just took off? If not, why not let me help you create one of your very best defining moments right now?


Simple. By clicking the link you see just below and applying to work with me and my amazing team of entrepreneurs who will literally walk you through every step of getting from where you are to where you want to be – in the shortest time possible.

Click Here Next…

The Mindset of a Winner
Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business Personal Finance

How to Make EVERY Day Feel Like Saturday

Editor’s note:  Here is still another in a series of excellent emails I receive from my friend, mentor and business partner, Jeff Lerner, a multiple 7 figure online earner.  What he has learned and is sharing with his team is priceless.  I hope you agree.

I’ll never forget how much time I used to spend during the week dreaming about what life could be like if I just had more money.

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

I had this number in my head, that if I could just make that amount in one lump sum – all my problems would instantly go away.

Less stress.

Less worrying about how I was gonna pay my bills.

Get outta debt.

You know the drill.

And funny enough, there was one day per week, that even though I was in $400K worth of debt, that all my troubles seemed to float away, for about 24 hours.

It was Saturday.

And not just ONE Saturday – but every Saturday.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

Not a care in the world.

Nobody to report to.

No job to go to.

Nothing to stress about.

I hardly worried about a thing.

I was more focused on how I could have that EVERY day, than what I didn’t have.

I was focused on my dreams.

The ability to work when I want with whom I want, and for whatever reasons I want.

All while money keeps flowing into my bank account.

Do you dream about this too?

Bills are paid.

Got a wad of cash in your purse or pocket.

Bank account is filled with 10X more than you have right now.

Life is gooood.

Well let me tell you my friend.

You could have that right now.

Here’s how I did it, myself <—

Thousands of my students, friends of mine & I, all live this way.

It’s called 16 Steps to 6 Figures.

And it is by FAR, the most liberating feeling in the world.

So here’s the deal:

You obviously went online looking for a new way to make money.

And you landed at my site – this one.

All you need to do in order to get the ball rolling here, and get on the path to your dreams, is submit an application.

Now don’t just submit an application.

Know WHY you want to submit an application.

Know WHY you want to be your own boss, work from home (or wherever you have an Internet connection), have your own income streams, and be free in every sense of the word.

Imagine what life could be like if you’d just do the work.

Trust me, it’s not hard work. We are not digging ditches in frozen ground here.

You are going to learn as you earn, if you can follow some simple step-by-step instructions.

I explain everything right here <—

Thousands of us have already done it. Why not you?

Why not now?

To get on this path with my Team & me and have the chance to bank $1K commissions daily, like my Team is doing…

… watch this and submit an application.

I’ll personally show you how to make every day a Saturday.

The Mindset of a Winner
Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business Personal Finance

A Couple of Options for You to Make Money Online

Editor’s note:  The last several posts have been copy and paste of emails I get from my friend, mentor and business partner, one of the best marketers around, Jeff Lerner.  In case you were wondering what it takes to make money online, these emails give a good explanation of what is involved and some possible solutions if you’re looking to work from home.  Good information for you!

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

The way I see it, you have a couple of options to realistically make money online:

#1 – Sell your own product or service

This is how most people fail at their first attempt to make money on the Internet.

They come up with a great idea and attempt to put it all online, making product images, setting up websites, figuring out hosting and shopping carts and merchant accounts, writing sales copy and follow-up auto-responders, produce
sales videos, driving traffic, generating leads, and making sales.

That’s just the beginning…

… then there’s product fulfillment, customer service, accounting, and so much minutia that it makes their heads spin until they just can’t take it anymore and quit.


#2 – Sell someone else’s product or service

They come up with a great idea, they put it all online, they make all the product images, they set up the websites, figure out hosting and shopping carts and merchant accounts, write all the sales copy and follow-up auto-responders, produce sales videos, and then provide traffic, generate leads, and make sales – for YOU.

Then of course, they fulfill the product, provide customer service, accounting, and all the minutia so that you don’t have to.

All this, while they teach you not only how they do it all, but how YOU can do it too – but ONLY after you’ve learned to drive traffic, generate leads, and make sales on your own!

So, in essence, you can earn while you learn.  But who has time for that?

And this is why I created this <—

It’s a complete Done for You Marketing System, with sales letters, videos, automated follow up, follow through, business coaches, and a built-in sales team to help you make money on the Internet – while my Team & I teach you exactly what we are doing and how YOU can do it too!

I explain everything in this video.

After you watch it, submit an application.

Just for doing so, I’m going to literally GIVE you my 16 Steps to 6 Figures Boot Camp, several LIVE One-on-One Calls with my TOP Business Coach, and a bunch of other goodies along the way that are designed to help you reach whatever level of income and success you are looking for.

Your Done-for-You Solution to making money online starts here <—

Submit your application and I’ll see you on the inside, literally!

The Mindset of a Winner
Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business

Your Application

Congratulations again for taking a look at living the Laptop Lifestyle!

My friend Jeff Lerner has cracked the code with his Laptop Lifestyle Toolkit, and right now, you have the opportunity to learn from him, the same way I am.

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

Jeff used the information you are going to learn, to go from being broke (in over $400K worth of debt), and living in his soon to be ex-wife’s parent’s spare bedroom…

… to becoming one of those rags to riches Internet Millionaires that you hear about online from time to time.

The best part is that he’s an extremely nice guy, is super down to earth, and very easy to talk to.

Trust me, if you are struggling financially right now – I feel your pain.

I know what its like to struggle financially.

I also know what it’s like to struggle to make money online.

And this is why you want Jeff’s Video Tool Kit.

Because you are going to learn some things about making money online, that you probably never heard or knew before.

It’s a lot simpler than you think.  Trust me.  I know.

If I can do this – anyone can.  I believe that much in you.

Now whether you are in the same place that I was, or worse – or maybe even not…

… If you are still looking for an additional income stream to make some extra money, pay off  some bills, get out of debt, or…

… maybe you just want to take some pressure off of yourself and your family, give yourself some more breathing room, and take back total control of your finances, your freedom, and your life…

… look no further, because Jeff’s Videos are going to help you do it, and in a way that you’ve never been helped before.

Jeff’s Team has created something very, very special, and I’m going to show it to you as long as it takes until you either get on board with us.

The funny thing, is that I am no different than you – except for the fact that I got started on this path just a little before you.

But that’s OK, because we are all going to be somewhere this time next year – in two years, five years and beyond.

The question I have for you, is…

Where do YOU want to be?

If it’s somewhere you’ve never been before, you’ve gotta do something you’ve never done before.

This is why you want to apply now <—

You will also get Instant Access to Jeff’s Videos.


A soon as you submit your Application, one of Jeff’s Coaches will contact you, make sure that you have full access to his videos in the Tool Kit, and get you on the fast track to success.

In the next 7 days, you are going to learn so much about starting where you are at, and completely turning your life around with a business that you can run full or part time, from the comfort and safety of your own home, and living the laptop lifestyle – no matter where you to choose to work from.

Your journey with us begins here < —

Submit your application and then watch for an email & phone call from one of Jeff’s business coaches.

Lifestyle Design International

The Mindset of a Winner
Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business

The BEST Company to Join

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

The truth is…People don’t join companies.

They join people.

And when you join Jeff Lerner and his team,  at Lifestyle Design International, the first person you are going to speak with is one of his personal Business Coaches.


They will walk you hand in hand through your first steps and make sure that you know exactly what to do next, before your next call.

Jeff’s team will be in contact as soon as you submit your application.

You will also get Instant Access to Jeff’s “16 Steps to 6 Figures.”

This Video Series is PACKED with the stuff you need to succeed.

Jeff made $450K in his first year online, and he breaks it all down for you in his training videos.

Practical stuff that actually works in today’s market — not 10 years ago like a lot of stuff you see online today.

You actually get it for free after you submit your application.

But the key is this: you need to submit an application.

Because if you do nothing, nothing is going to change for you.

Look, you obviously want to start making money on the Internet.

There is nothing simpler out there than Jeff’s 16 Steps to 6 Figures.

It’s a pretty much “done for you system”.

You have to set a few simple things up, but Traffic, Leads, and even Sales can all be outsourced.

There truly is no better way to become successful these days.

And Jeff is going to help you, every step of the way, if you let him.

Submit your application to join his Team and let’s get you on with one of his Coaches, right away.  The coaches will encourage you to attend the Freedom Experience event in Las Vegas.  Seats are filling up fast, but once you go to an event something magical happens to your online marketing desires.  Your mindset is all of a sudden changed to why you can do something instead of the opposite.  It’s scheduled for late February and you don’t want to miss it.

Lifestyle Design International

The Mindset of a Winner
Become An Online Marketer Business Home Based Business Personal Finance

I Really Hated This — How About You?

Editor’s note:  I get regular emails from my leader, mentor and friend, Jeff Lerner, a quiet legend in the online marketing world.  I liked and identified with this email.  Maybe you will too.

<—Jeff Lerner


Jeff’s email to me:

I don’t know about you, but when I had a job, I hated the fact that I only got paid “linear income.”

Linear income means that when you work, you get paid.

Paid just enough not to quit.

And you work just hard enough not to get fired.

Sound familiar?

Sadly, this is how most people live their entire working lives. 

To me, I prefer things the other way around.

I like to work once and get paid for weeks, months, even years on end.

This way, I’m not starting over every month only to find out that there’s always more month at the end of the money. 

You know, bill collectors don’t care.

The banks don’t care.

Neither does the IRS.

If you’ve ever made a late payment, then you know what I mean.

On the flip side…

Imagine working one time, getting paid for weeks, months, years, even decades into the future, and earning from nine different income streams.

That’s right — you can earn from 9 different streams of income with my 16 Steps to 6 Figures business.
Plus, My Team & I are going to teach you everything you need to know about how to do it.

All you need to do is submit your application, and one of my personal coaches will contact you right away.

They will ask you some questions, go over your goals with you, and put you on the fast track to success.

It all starts here for you .

As soon as you submit your application answers, watch for another email from me, and expect a phone call.

Our Team is exploding right now, so if you are ready to join a winning team, now is your chance.

Watch this video, submit your application, and let’s connect in the next day or so. 

Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Home Based Business Personal Finance

Talk to the hand (‘cos the prospects ain’t listenin’)

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being ignored?

Welcome to the world of an affiliate marketer.

As more and more affiliates enter the fray promoting more and more products a critical problem is emerging…

It’s becoming nigh-on impossible to get your messages heard, never mind acted upon.

Michael Cheney had the same problem.

He noticed click throughs, open rates and commissions tanking it in a downward spiral.

He wanted a cure.

So he spent months picking the brains of the best copywriters, super affiliates and marketers on the planet.

He developed a simple, proven, and works-for-anyone method of creating colossal commissions.

And you can do it in 9 minutes or less.

No wonder affiliates of all levels are clamoring to get their hands on this.

Affiliate marketing just got easy.

Very easy.

It’s called The Commission Machine and it’s THE flagship program on affiliate marketing.  Start making money with this as soon as today: