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The Mindset of a Winner
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The Mindset of a Winner

Editor’s Note:  What is your mindset?  Is it that of a winner or are you continuing to drown in the pity potty?  This famous quote by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grown Rich, states “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” .   It’s been a while since I posted something from my favorite email author, Jeff Lerner, due to some medical issues.  He’s my friend, business partner and mentor.  Read this if your mindset needs some attention.  Then, get started!

The mind is powerful.

What we think, is possible. When we believe we will fail, we do. To set ourselves up for success it is important to
create a winning mindset.

The Mindset of a Winner

Jeff Lerner, CEO Lifestyle Design International

Focusing on the impossibility of a task sets us up for failure.  When we possess this mindset and then fail, our natural reaction is: “I knew it all along, I’m a failure.” It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Focusing on the positive encourages us forward.

When we possess this mindset and fail, our reaction becomes one of determination. The failure is not defeat but only a challenge along the road to success. When we succeed our reaction is, “I knew it all along!”
Self-imposed limitations must be overcome to create a winning mindset.

Would you like me to help you overcome and create your best life? I know what it takes to create amazing results thanks to a powerful change in mindset, but…

I can’t help you.

Why not? Because you must ALLOW yourself the freedom to think differently. You need to allow yourself the  freedom to do things differently. And guess what? My entire T3FP Formula was designed from the ground up to help you overcome your greatest obstacles (including yourself) and help you not only create a winning mindset but…

An amazing business that brings with it unlimited financial freedom.

Are you ready to embrace your new future? It starts Here next.

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The Mindset of a Winner
Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business

The Day Everything Changed [When is your day?]

Editor’s note:  Another of Jeff Lerner’s emails I receive that continue to motivate and inspire me.  Some of the reasons I’m involved with Jeff and his team is the honesty he displays not only about business but his personal thoughts, his character and his strong desire to help others get from where he was to where he is now.  Truly believable and refreshing in this crazy world of online marketing.  Please read this and previous emails I’ve posted from Jeff on this site.  Thank you and continued success to you!

Just a handful of years ago I was surfing online looking for a legit way to make money from home (on my own terms) because I was fed up with “the rat race” and knew I needed something more than just playing one-off piano gigs and living from paycheck to paycheck.

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

That afternoon is still so VIVID in my mind… I can see it just as clearly as the moment I clicked on the ad. It said, “I made $87,377 in the last 84 days. See how here.”

I was both absolutely blown away when I read that and utterly inspired because at that moment I believed…

I believed in the power of the Internet. The picture of my soon-to-be sponsor and the income he then went on and proved that he was making was the moment it all changed for me.

From that moment on until today, I can honestly say that it was a complete answer to prayer… It really was! Living the lifestyle I now do today, and have done so for years, came from the moment I took action on that little ad online.

So what’s your defining moment? Have you had a defining moment where things just took off? If not, why not let me help you create one of your very best defining moments right now?


Simple. By clicking the link you see just below and applying to work with me and my amazing team of entrepreneurs who will literally walk you through every step of getting from where you are to where you want to be – in the shortest time possible.

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The Mindset of a Winner
Affiliate Marketing Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business Personal Finance

I’ve Literally HAD It [In Total Disgust]… And What I Did about It

Editor’s note:  Another in the series of emails I receive from my friend, mentor and business partner, Jeff Lerner.  He made all the mistakes and learned from them and now he’s sharing it with us.  Read carefully and maybe something in these emails will light a spark for you as it did for me.

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

I remember clearly, the very first time I started looking online for a new way to make money from home.

I was confused.

I was frustrated.

And I was broke, busted, and disgusted.

But here’s the thing…

I wasn’t broken.

I had the heart and desire to succeed.

I had the will.

And I was willing to learn a few things to make my life better.

I just didn’t know what to do or where to start.

I had some business experience with a sandwich franchise that left me in over $400K worth of debt.


… I had to find something that not only worked, but something that could pay me big commissions, FAST.

I didn’t have 3-5 years to wait.

I wanted to literally be set up instantly, go through some basic training, and get started marketing immediately.

And I didn’t want to make measly $50 or $100 commissions on a case of juice or skin cream.

I wanted $1K+ commissions – minimum on the back end. More like $3K-$6K was even better. 🙂

I wanted a complete Done for You Marketing System.

I wanted a Team of Coaches to walk me through how to get started, a Community for support, and Experts to get on the phone and close my prospects.

And this is why I created this <—

It’s a complete Done for You Marketing System, with Automated Follow Up, Follow Through, Business Coaches,
and Closers to help you make money every single day.

Watch this video & submit your application.

I’ll have one of my TOP Coaches contact you right away.

The Mindset of a Winner
Become An Online Marketer Business Email Marketing Home Based Business Personal Finance

How ‘Done for You’ Success REALLY Works…

Editor’s note:  I’ve been sharing emails I receive from my friend, mentor and business partner, Jeff Lerner, who went from $400,000 in debt his first successful year in home based business to making millions of dollars over the last ten years and teaching people just like you and me how to do the same thing.  His story continues:

Thinking back to the days when I first got started looking for new ways to make money working from home
on the Internet…

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

… I distinctly remember a few key things.

#1 – I wasn’t sure what to do

#2 – I wasn’t sure how to do it

And #3 – I was feeling very alone

It was also at that time that I used to literally find myself daydreaming and thinking in my own mind…

… “I wish this could all be done for me.”

I vowed that if I ever had my own company, that I’d make it so much easier for people who wanted to make money from home on the Internet.

And that’s why I created this <—

Truth is, I learned the hard way.

I first had to learn Web Design, then Programming, and then make Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Video Sales Letters, Long Form Sales Copy, Autoresponder Follow-Ups, Broadcast Messages, Shopping Cart Pages, and so much more.

It was a total NIGHTMARE!

So, without getting into too much detail in this email, I have done everything for you, that I wished I never had to do.

Because if I can be frank…

… I know that you do NOT want to become a Web Designer, a Programmer, or an expert in Marketing Funnels (like
I am).

You just want to make money; that’s it. PERIOD. End of story.

And I get that.

Because I’ve been there, felt that, myself.

So, I’ve made it so super simple for you, that you can literally plug in, use my Formula and System, and be off to the races!

I explain everything here <—

Let’s just say that it’s a HUGE burden off your plate because you don’t have to figure out how to do all of the heavy lifting.


You get all the credit, recognition, and commission!

PLUS, it will save you tens of thousands of dollars, thousands of man hours, and a TON of frustration.

And, while you are making money, I am going to teach you how to do everything that you need to do to make a whole LOT more!

How’s that for “Done for You” Success? 😉

So, where do you start?

What do you do next?

Do what everybody else making $1,000 commissions (and more) is doing…

Watch this, and submit an Application <—

My Top Business Coach will contact you right away, walk you through the process, and get you on the Fast Track
to Success with us.

After all, what else are you going to do?

Go back to what hasn’t worked for you in the first place?

Take the first step with me here and my Team will be in touch.