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Karatbars Pays Our Reps SEVEN Ways!

Our Karatbars International team is growing F-A-$-T as the word is getting out!
We have over 55,000 people in the PTG team!

We get paid to help ourselves and others collect gold!

Plus Karatbars International pays you SEVEN ways!

Any company can have a great product or an entire line of products like we do…

Yet What GROWS A Company? It’s $$$$$$

Check Out Karatbars Right Now
Karatbars International Pays SEVEN Ways!
1. Direct Commissions
2. Package Bonus
3. Dual Team Bonus
4. Uni-level Bonus
5. Generation Bonus
6. Karatbars Pool
7. Karatbars Gold Fund

Join for Free or Jump Right To The Top.

Got a question or more??  Fill out the call-back request form here and get them answered.

We Have 5 Levels To Fit Everyone’s Budget – Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and a VIP Level.

Jump In Today And Let Everyone Else From Over 120+ Countries… Come In Behind You!

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