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Deadly landmines in his bathroom

It was dark…

My friend’s 5:00am alarm had just gone off.

His wife, dog and kids were all sleeping.

He tip-toed into the bathroom to run the daily gauntlet.

One wrong move and the whole household would explode into a deadly cacophony of crying, barking and expletives…

In the dim light he spotted his enemies;

Landmine #1. The potty (green, cute-looking but explosively loud on contact)

Landmine #2. The musical rattle (emits a killer high pitch screech on contact)

Landmine #3. Baby chair (a deadly combo of spindly legs perfect for trapping feet and an eardrum-splitting Disney tune on a hair trigger)

He took a deep breath and stepped into the danger zone…

He slinked past the potty.

He skipped over the rattle.

“I could be a ninja”, he thought to himself, and gave a fist pump.

But he’d celebrated too soon – one of his big feet got ensarled in the baby chair and –


Death by Disney.

The dog started barking. The kids started crying. His wife turned the light on and it was game over.

I know you’re the same with your business right?

You don’t want to step on any landmines or make any wrong moves – it’s perfectly natural.

So while I’ve been advising you to invest in Landing Page Monkey recently I know you may be unconvinced.

Or maybe you’re uncertain if it’s for you?

So here’s a quick recon FAQ for you so you can navigate to the correct decision, safely;

Q. I don’t want to fall victim to “shiny object syndrome” – should I get Landing Page Monkey?

This is one of those essential tools that gets you more leads which gets you more sales.

If you see getting more sales as a distraction then yeah – don’t buy it.

Q. The product looks great and i want your bonus but what are the upsells and do I need to buy them?

There are a couple of optional upsells but you don’t need either of them to get complete version of the tool – that comes as standard.

Q. I don’t even have a list, is Landing Page Monkey even relevant to me?

Yes. Because it’s the quickest way to get a list and we all know where the money is right?

These pages look stunning, there’s no other way to say it.

And stunning pages get noticed and they get optins.

Q. I already have an autoresponder which creates optin pages – should I invest in Landing Page Monkey?

Yes. Because these landing pages outperform any other type of landing page.

Plus they’re super-flexible – you can change the background, the video, the button style and even when the optin box appears on screen.

And they work on every browser and device known to man.

Q. I’m already paying a monthly subscription to another landing page builder do I need to get Landing Page Monkey?

Yes – if you like saving money.

Because LPM is a one-off investment without any monthly costs and it does the job better than other tools out there.

That’s the kinda math I like.

Q. I admit – those video background pages are cool – do they load quickly though?

Yes. They are streamed directly from YouTube etc. so they load lightning fast.

So grab your copy of Landing Page Monkey today before I pull down my Bonus (see below);

Click here to grab your copy now.

Use the Coupon Code “vipclients” to get an extra 15% off.

And don’t forget – you’re also getting the ultimate “A to Z of List Building” special report as a free bonus for grabbing this through my link.

If you don’t already have an auto-responder, you’re going to need one.  I’ve been using Aweber for about 6 years and it’s served me well.  Plus, they’ll give you a free 30 day free trial.  Click here to get started with Aweber.

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