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Your Best eBay Listing Auction Times For Maximum Profit

How to Find Your Best eBay Listing Auction Times For Maximum Profit

Some of the best lessons trying to find the best eBay listing auction times in internet or eCommerce marketing are from trial and error.  But what if I could show you a simple and affordable way to learn something while not making any mistakes.  In this blog post I’m going to share with you my secret weapon which will help you know your best eBay listing auction times for maximum profit.

Trial and Errors finding Your Best eBay Listing Auction Times?

Imagine all of the successful eBay (and Amazon) eCommerce stores around the world.  They have figured out what is your best eBay listing auction times for maximum profit.  Some have done it with trial and error–an expensive lesson for sure.  Others have relied on the research labs of SaleHoo directory.  At SaleHoo they have done the heavy lifting for you including why it’s so important to list your auction at the best time along with other great tips for creating a successful auction listing.

Consider SaleHoo’s Market Research Labs

Best eBay Listing Auction Times

See Your Profits More Accurately

For me to figure out what time is best to list my auction I use SaleHoo’s Market Research Labs.  Some auction items sell better than others at different times.  But how would you know?  It’s easy when you rely on the experts with years of experience at SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab.  No more guessing and hoping when you use the lab not to mention over 8,000 trusted wholesalers of cheap products in the directory.  This directory is extremely useful to find items in high demand but low supply and you know what that means–high profit margins!  If you sell items on eBay I recommend you get SaleHoo and soon.

Why you Need to get the Listing Time Right

Your best eBay auction times for maximum profit is obvious.  It’s the time people interested in your item and niche are actually online!  Seems simple enough.  You’ll get more bids and make more sales.  Listing at the wrong time will cost you sales and profits.  For example, college students stay up late at night and and bid late while stay at home mothers go to bed earlier and subsequently bid earlier.  Know your niche and know your potential customers.  Let SaleHoo Market Research Labs takes the guessing game out of this and figures it out for you.

Tips for Increasing Auction Success Rate

Best eBay Listing Auction Times

Find Low Cost Suppliers

Here are some more tips;  use a picture you have taken and try not to use stock images.  Just make sure it’s clear and not washed out.  Be sure and include a description too.  Try to make that description as in depth as possible and don’t just write a few sentences.  Remember to get higher up in the Google rankings it’s important to not copy and paste descriptions.  Google doesn’t like duplicate content.  So be creative and use your own words.

Details about refunds/returns and shipping are also helpful in the description for your customer.  This helps you appear more professional and creates the know, like and trust factor–so important in internet and eCommerce marketing.

Your Best eBay Listing Auction Time For Maximum Profit

To sum up everything for your best eBay listing auction times tor maximum profit.  But do you have the time?  I strongly suggest you consider SaleHoo’s directory and Market Research Lab.  It’ll give you a leg up on the competition and done consistently will result in a profitable online store.  Good luck and continued success to you.

To learn more about finding affordable Chinese wholesale suppliers you can trust click here and read my earlier post.

Importing from China
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Importing from China; Products are Cheap but is it Safe?

Importing from China, Is it Safe?

Importing from China; is it safe for your new eCommerce store?  It seemed simple when you made the decision but now it’s time to dig into the details on how to operate a successful online store.  You’re going to need items to sell; popular items at the best price possible so you have a good profit margin. In this post I’m going to talk about whether it’s safe importing from China.  It’s no secret with their low wage base, products from China are generally less expensive even when you take freight costs into account.

Problems Importing from China

Here’s the problem when you’re importing from China.  You can’t always trust the supplier.  Some will take your money and won’t even bother to send you the merchandise you ordered.  Others will not send you legitimate products.  If you get knock-off products, you risk being prosecuted, even if you don’t sell them, because it’s even illegal to buy them!  An arrest warrant is the last thing you want to see.  So, the bottom line is importing from China is not safe to do unless you know the supplier can be trusted.  The trick is to verify the supplier will send you the stock and also send you legitimate products.  Then, and only then does it become perfectly safe to import from China.  Research is needed and my secret tool will help you in that process.

Importing From China Contact Suppliers

How to Contact Suppliers

My Secret Tool

My secret tool?  SaleHoo!  SaleHoo will assist you for finding Chinese suppliers that you can trust.  SaleHoo does not add a supplier to their directory until they have gone through a very stringent verification process proving that they can be trusted and they’re real.  Not only that, SaleHoo provides user reviews from real people that use suppliers so you can choose to only deal with suppliers that have passed SaleHoo’s test and of course have good reviews from actual customers.  So if you want to feel secure and safe when dealing with cheap Chinese imports your answer is to use SaleHoo’s directory.

More Tips to Import Safely from China

Here are a few tips on  importing from China safely without SaleHoo.  Only deal with suppliers that have been in business for two years or more.  Look into their history.  You can always Google the supplier and look for reviews.  If you can’t find a review for a supplier, then don’t use them.  Another idea is to ask for samples and buy small lots first.  If the supplier has a website then the the WHOIS details and see if the website has been online for more than two years.  Another good tip is to use Google to verify their physical location and that it actually exists.

Importing from China SaleHoo Laboratory

SaleHoo has a lab for your product research

Do you really have time to do all of that just to secure merchandise to sell?  My guess is probably not.  Instead, why not make an affordable investment in SaleHoo and their directory.  It’s well worth the money and alternative is either having your money stolen with no merchandises  getting illegitimate knock-off merchandise illegally and risk legal problems and that’s even if you don’t even sell the product as it’s illegal to even buy them!


With all of the hassles of finding reputable suppliers from China it only makes good sense to invest in the SaleHoo directory so you know the suppliers you choose have been verified after a very stringent verification process.  Oh, and did you know that with SaleHoo you can even set up your online store?  To learn more about SaleHoo, their directory, their store set-up, their “lab” and user reviews go to this link to get all of the information.  Don’t forget to consider drop shipping.  It’ll save you money and hassle of warehousing and then sending your merchandise to your customers.  It’s all done for you.  Good luck with your eCommerce store!

SaleHoo Drop Shipper Guide

Drop Shipping; A Quick Way of Making Risk-Free Money

Is Drop Shipping for you?

What is drop shipping?  In this blog post I’m going to explain to you what drop shipping is.  I honestly didn’t know exactly what it was when I first heard the phrase although it’s relatively easy to take a guess.  But let’s be precise and tell you exactly what it is.  Drop shipping is a very fast way of making easy, risk-free income.  Read on to find out why it’s risk free and why it can be very easy.

Drop Shippers Explained

What is a drop shipper?  Drop shipping is when a company, not you, stocks an item for sale and then sends them directly to your customers.  If you wanted to start a retail store on any main street USA there are many tasks you’d have to accomplish.  You’d have to find a location and either lease or purchase it, buy or build shelves and other merchandising material, furnish the interior so that it’s attractive to your potential customers and so much more.

Usually with an online retail store you also need to purchase stock.  You then need to send individual items to your customers and of course this has to be done in advance so you’re prepared to ship the items when an order is placed.  Then you have to hope and pray you sell all of the items and are not stuck with them or putting them on sale at a heavy discount.

SaleHoo Stores

Drop Shipping Training is extensive

Benefits of Drop Shipping

Drop shipping lets you skip this step.  When a customer buys an item from you, you contact the drop shipping company, otherwise known as the drop shipper, and purchase the item from them.  They will then send the item directly to your customers.  Nice, right?  This removes the risk from buying and selling online.  Here’s a link to the ultimate drop shipping guide.

Is It Possible to Make Money Drop Shipping?

Now, the first question is: how do you make money from this method?  First you need to open an online store and sell items you can drop ship.  One popular place to do this is eBay.  Mark-up prices make a profit of between 10% and 50%.  But what if you made your own online store?  An easy way to do this is with SaleHoo Stores.  Not only are you in control but you can avoid eBay fees!

How Can You Trust Drop Shippers?

Then there’s the problem of finding drop shippers.  There are a lot of drop shippers in China that can’t be trusted.  They will take your money and not send you the items or send you illegitimate items that are illegal.  This is not a good situation for your online business.

SaleHoo Drop Shipping DirectorSaleHoo is an online directory that has over 8,000 drop shippers, wholesalers and liquidators listed.  Using a directory like SaleHoo is great because it ensures you’re dealing with verified suppliers you can trust.  Don’t get fooled by untrustworthy drop shippers in foreign countries.


In short, if you want to make fast, risk-free money with an online store there’s an easy way and a hard way.  Take the easy way!  Use SaleHoo stores and their software will have you up and running in short order.  Then use the SaleHoo directory to find items to sell from trusted verified sources.  Plus, SaleHoo has a research department and community to answer all of your questions and concerns.  It really is a neat place if you’re going to start or want to re-start your online store!  Here’s a link to SaleHoo.  Once you get there, you’ll find everything you need including videos, training, SaleHoo Store and so much more.  Log-in now and see if it’s a fit for you.  Working from home is the best decision I ever made and I LOVE being my own boss.  You will too.