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Why the Recent Bitcoin Crash Was Good News in Disguise


If you have been following the market fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, then you must have noticed that bitcoins have significantly dropped in value. If you invested in bitcoin when it was hovering around the $15,000-mark last year, then you have already lost some serious cash. As per recent bitcoin news, the price of a single bitcoin is around $8,000. That’s after the prices recovered. On June 18th this year, the value of the coins was as low $6,387.

The good thing is that this is not the first bitcoin crash and it’s safe to say that it won’t be the last. Every single time in the past, a bitcoin price drop was followed by a surge in the prices. Back in September of 2017, the price of the coin went down 37% in a matter of days after there were speculations that China is going to completely ban bitcoin. The value of the coins soon recovered after the rumors died down.

Unfortunately, every time the value of the coins goes down, there are these onslaughts of media reports and blogs that “predicts” that bitcoin is done for good. This creates an unnecessary panic amongst investors. This is usually followed by an irrational and loss-inducing dumping of coin assets that drive the price further down. The bitcoin crashes are usually followed by rallies that not only recover the loss but take the value of the coins to unprecedented heights.

Why the Cloud of Bitcoin Market Crash Has a Silver Lining?

Presents a Great Opportunity for People Who Want to Get In: The fundamentals of investment teach us that when the prices reach new heights it’s a time to sell and when it drops or crashes it’s time to invest. The recent price crash may have gotten a few people panicked, but most seasoned investors are using this opportunity to stock up. Last year, when the prices of the coin almost reached $20,000, it was not only a bad time to buy, but the higher prices also made the coins inaccessible to a lot of new investors. The recent market crash has made bitcoin affordable again and it presented an opportunity for a lot of new investors to buy bitcoins for the first time. Seasoned bitcoin investors are also buying coins to strengthen their portfolio.

It’s Like a Discount Season for Many Smaller Cryptocurrencies: The crash of bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, generated a ripple effect that caused other smaller cryptocurrencies to lose their values. Ethereum was down and so was bitcoin cash, perfect time for investors to build their cryptocurrency portfolios.

It Proves That Bitcoin Behaves Like Other Assets and is Here to Stay: Any commodity or fund that continues to go up without the occasional dips and crashes, essentially behaves unnaturally. The value of these investment assets seem suspicious and artificially inflated. The fact that bitcoin prices crash and then recover, show that these coins follow the basic laws of supply and demand. Serious investors would find the market fluctuations much more reassuring than an unnaturally consistent surge of bitcoin prices.

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SCATHING EXPOSE – The Difference Between A “Make Money System” And Real Training

Editor’s note:  I was off on another project since I last posted an email from my friend, mentor and business partner, Jeff Lerner, but I’m glad I waited.  This email showed up in my in-box a few days ago and if you’re new to internet marketing or have been around the block a few times this might strike a chord with you.  It did with me.  Give it a look and if you’re interested in learning more about Lifestyle Design International, just click the link near the end of this post.  It’s a little longer than most of his emails but there is some good thoughtful information for your consideration.  Good luck and best wishes for a successful effort in finding your freedom!

Hey Jeff Lerner here,

Let’s talk about human nature for a second…

The Internet is the ultimate laboratory for learning about human nature.

They say character is how you act when nobody is looking… well the Internet is how some people do business when no one is looking.

Internet business has an aspect of anonymity.

For the most part nobody watches you shop online, nobody sees what you buy or browse… if you’ll permit me a crude example – people who would be embarrassed to stop at the Victoria’s Secret window display in the mall will stare for hours at things online that make that window display look tame in comparison…

And those of us in online business education (either pursuing it or providing it), we wrestle the same demons in the shadow the Internet provides.

If someone stood on a street corner saying “do this dance and say ‘Candyman’ 3 times and money will show up in your mailbox” we would call the police or at least a doctor.

But when someone online says “my easy system throws off cash like a money volcano to anyone with a pulse who can click a mouse” that offer will get more clicks than anything this side of a Kardashian…

Look at these…..



“Done for you system deposits $5500 into your bank account”, “$5 invested in bitcoin would have bought you a mansion” (so what unless you have a time machine…), “It’s easy to make $500 (or more) per day”…

You’ve probably seen a million of these types of ads.

These are just 3 I found in about 60 seconds of web searching…

There is literally an entire industry devoted to getting people to click things, read things, and do things in the privacy of their own home that in a million years they would never do out in the open (and I’m just talking about the stuff related to making money…)

There are courses and books on how to write the copy that gets peoples’ attention.

Use words like “Easy”, “System”, “Turnkey”, “Minutes A Day”, “Done For You”, etc.

Avoid words that sound like any work is involved or resources required… Don’t talk about “learning”, “education”, or “new skills” and DEFINITELY avoid the word “investment” (unless you put the word “tiny” in front of it).

I’ve been to seminars that spend days talking about this stuff… how to make hard things sound easy, time consuming things sound fast, and expensive things sound cheap.

It’s an entire branch of the economy that can only exist on the Internet, in the backpages of magazines, and occasionally on a late night infomercial that slips by the FCC…

And I am proudly embarrassed to admit I’m an expert in the field.

“Proudly embarrassed”… say what, Jeff?

I’m embarrassed because I have not only seen the underbelly of the industry I’ve been in its bowels. It started innocently enough… wanting to make money on the Internet just like hundreds of millions of other people do.

But I’m proud because the more successful I got and the more I understood how the beast operates the less I wanted to do with it and the more I sought a different path.

About 5 years ago I left behind the opportunities I was a part of entirely and struck out to start a new business that would allow me to continue to make great money using the skills I had acquired in a way that passed my 4 question test for a legitimate opportunity…

Here is my 4 question test:

  1. Does what I’m doing involve transferable skills?

Meaning if you’re in a program that purports to make you money by following some steps are those steps an actual skill or set of skills that you could apply to a completely different product, service, or business model and expect comparable results?

If what you’re doing to make money only works in the system that you’re doing it… it’s not a business it’s a scheme and even if you are making money your actual value in the market isn’t changing (or it’s probably gong down because your brand is now associated with the scheme).

  1. Once the emotion of the initial purchase wears off can you explain what you bought?

Very often programs that don’t have a strong underlying business model or training pathway rely on emotion, hype, urgency, and pressure to get you to buy. The telltale sign of one of these programs is that the next day after buying you struggle to explain what you just bought…

As an example, my company Lifestyle Design International sell something we call the “FREEDOM Bundle”… it’s a VIP ticket to a 3 day training event, plus 3 courses on affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and digital consulting.

That’s something you can explain a day, a week, and a month after you bought it.

If your explanation sounds something like “I bought the rights to access a system that allows me to place links that drive people to opportunities to sell rights to a system that allows them to place links to drive people to opportunities…” then you definitely made a mistake.

And sadly there are a lot more programs online like the latter than like ours 🙁

  1. Does whatever you’re involved in have a clear business plan?

Let’s talk about a business plan. That word gets thrown around a lot by people who read a a few articles on

Don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing wrong with being a “want-repreneur” who is still getting familiar with the jargon of business but when you’re getting involved in a business or training about business it needs to be with people who are way past the want-repreneur stage themselves!

When I say business plan I mean something that has an identified market, a unique selling proposition for attacking that market, a competitive analysis of who else is in that market, an organizational structure for how to execute the selling proposition, a budget, a sales strategy, and some projections based around various scenarios…

In blunt terms I basically mean if you went into a bank to try to borrow money for whatever you’re doing and got denied for the loan would they snicker about you after you left?

Some people get denied for a loan and the bankers say “that was a good plan but they were [undercapitalized / had bad credit / lacked experience / etc] (or something else that is a non-emotional business fact). Other people get denied for a loan and the bankers say “that person was [up in the night / in over their head / getting taken to the cleaners / a sad case / etc].

Be honest with yourself… which one would you be? (of course getting approved for the loan is a positive third option lol)

  1. Does the investment required in a particular business include the ability to promote that business?

This is commonly known as “pay to play” and exists largely inside systems whose mission is to recruit people under the guise of training or an opportunity and then teach them nothing more than how to recruit others to the same opportunity.

Very often the sales pitch for these programs’ products is tied to how much money you can earn… inside these programs you’ll hear gibberish like “If you buy our ‘Extravaganza Package’ it unlocks the ‘commission explosion’ piece of our compensation plan and you qualify for an extra trip to the moon every time someone buys their own Extravaganza Package!”

Just ask yourself if you’d feel comfortable selling the Extravaganza Package to a friend or family member… suddenly things seem really clear.

(I’ve had numerous friends attend the LDI FREEDOM Experience, some I brought as guests but a few who paid their own way… and I sleep great at night).

Anyway… I think you get my point.

My point here isn’t to turn over all the tables in the temple (although being an online “good guy” does sometimes start to feel like a crusade), my point is to say that in the quiet moments of fear or dreaming or whatever it is that happens when you’re alone on the Internet looking for a better life you don’t suspend all your better judgement just because you’re hoping something is real.

Any online program that doesn’t pass those 4 test questions above is no more real than a girl (or guy) from overseas telling you they love you and they need some money.

Obviously the subtext of this email is that my company LDI offers real education for people who want to do some real work to have extraordinary possibilities in their own life, but I don’t need to belabor that point and turn this into a big sales email.

If all you get from this email is a checklist for what not to do I am fine with that.

I’ve sent you plenty of other emails inviting you to work with me…

Best wishes on your Internet journey, to learn more about Lifestyle Design International click here.

Jeff Lerner
8 figure earner
2x CEO

The Mindset of a Winner
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Are you Settling?

Editor’s note:  I’ve been busy with other projects and have been remiss in posting emails from my favorite author, Jeff Lerner (Co-Founder of Lifestyle Design International).  This is short and sweet and boils everything down to one simple factor that keeps many people stuck where they are–fear.  Is this you? Are you settling?  Contemplate this as you take the three minutes or less to read his email to me.  Best wishes and continued success to you!

There are many reasons why we hide from living our best life.

The No. 1 reason is fear.

Are you Settling?

Jeff Lerner, CEO Lifestyle Design International

We settle for a mediocre life because we are afraid of the unknown.

We are satisfied with the mediocre because at least we have a paying job.

I know. I was there. $400,000 in debt, always with more work than money.

I had to let go of the fear of failure. Honestly, I was already failing, and there
wasn’t much left to lose.

I had to decide what I wanted my best life to look like and go after it.

Are you ready today to stop settling and start pursuing your dreams?  Have you sat down and thought through your life goals?

What do they include? Everyone’s will look different.

Perhaps it’s living debt-free, driving a nice car, or taking the family on a nice vacation every year. Do you have a
retirement dream you’re pursuing? If you had the money to give big, to whom would you give it? Is there a charity
or organization you believe strongly in that would benefit greatly from your success?

I’m here to help you live your best life. Just fill out our application, and we’ll get started today creating the lifestyle of your dreams.  Then the answer to the question:  Are you Settling will be answered once and for all.

Perhaps you might be interested in reading a previous email from Jeff:

The Mindset of a Winner
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The Mindset of a Winner

Editor’s Note:  What is your mindset?  Is it that of a winner or are you continuing to drown in the pity potty?  This famous quote by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grown Rich, states “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” .   It’s been a while since I posted something from my favorite email author, Jeff Lerner, due to some medical issues.  He’s my friend, business partner and mentor.  Read this if your mindset needs some attention.  Then, get started!

The mind is powerful.

What we think, is possible. When we believe we will fail, we do. To set ourselves up for success it is important to
create a winning mindset.

The Mindset of a Winner

Jeff Lerner, CEO Lifestyle Design International

Focusing on the impossibility of a task sets us up for failure.  When we possess this mindset and then fail, our natural reaction is: “I knew it all along, I’m a failure.” It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Focusing on the positive encourages us forward.

When we possess this mindset and fail, our reaction becomes one of determination. The failure is not defeat but only a challenge along the road to success. When we succeed our reaction is, “I knew it all along!”
Self-imposed limitations must be overcome to create a winning mindset.

Would you like me to help you overcome and create your best life? I know what it takes to create amazing results thanks to a powerful change in mindset, but…

I can’t help you.

Why not? Because you must ALLOW yourself the freedom to think differently. You need to allow yourself the  freedom to do things differently. And guess what? My entire T3FP Formula was designed from the ground up to help you overcome your greatest obstacles (including yourself) and help you not only create a winning mindset but…

An amazing business that brings with it unlimited financial freedom.

Are you ready to embrace your new future? It starts Here next.

You might also like to read this from Jeff from an earlier post: 
Financial Freedom
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One Decision Away from an Amazing Future?

One Decision Away from an Amazing Future.  Those that made that decision are part of the 3 Percenters.  Let me explain what that is and why it is crucial to your future.

There are 2 groups of people in this life…

The 97%.


The 3%.

One Decision Away From An Amazing Future

Jeff Lerner, CEO Lifestyle Design International

The 97 percenters are the ones who follow the masses and let someone else decide their futures for them.

They are the ones who like to fit into nicely designed cubicles and are the “worker drones” that so many in the world are today.

Now don’t get me wrong. The world needs worker bees just like they need leaders, and that’s exactly how I describe the 97 percenters. They simply follow the system, the rules, and the dictates of what society says is possible and let the status quo rule the show.


The 3 percenters are polar opposite of that. In fact, the 3 percenters are part of a group that at one time were One Decision Away From an Amazing Future.  They made that decision and are now the ones who change the world (for the better) by creating new things, whether that be software, hardware, technology, or systems.

The 3 percenters are the ones who boldly forge new paths for themselves and for those who have the courage to follow them. The 3 percenters truly are the ones who take the spoils in this life.

A friend of mine once told me that success is reserved for the 3% in this life who have chosen to be:

– People of action.
– Decisive.
– Quick to make decisions yet slow to change once they do.
– Those who want to make a difference in this world.
– Those who choose to show up and play their best game… a bigger game.
– Those who care enough about those around them to step up and do what needs
to be done.

So let me ask you a question. Are you a 3 percenter or a 97 percenter?

Are you someone who watches from the sidelines as others work to create the success so many others jealously desire but aren’t willing to do what it takes to get the job done?

You are just one decision away from success.

You are just one decision away from an amazing future.

You are just one decision away from being the person you NEED to become so you can HAVE the future, the income, and the LIFE that you have always wanted.

Make the decision today, and change your life forever.

Carve out twenty short minutes to listen to what I have to say, and submit an application so you can see EXACTLY how I got from being dead broke to being an Internet millionaire – and how I am teaching my students to do the EXACT same thing.

They wanted a simple, common-sense, home-based Internet business with high integrity and years of stability, that will put them back in total control of  their finances, their freedom, and their life.

If you want this too, watch this and let’s get you  on a call with my Top Business Coach ASAP.

**Jeff Lerner, author of this email which was sent to me, is my mentor, business partner and friend who writes amazingly well and causes one to think about their position in life.  It was this sort of presentation that brought me to one decision away from an amazing future and to join him and the Lifestyle Design International team.
Importing from China
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Importing from China; Products are Cheap but is it Safe?

Importing from China, Is it Safe?

Importing from China; is it safe for your new eCommerce store?  It seemed simple when you made the decision but now it’s time to dig into the details on how to operate a successful online store.  You’re going to need items to sell; popular items at the best price possible so you have a good profit margin. In this post I’m going to talk about whether it’s safe importing from China.  It’s no secret with their low wage base, products from China are generally less expensive even when you take freight costs into account.

Problems Importing from China

Here’s the problem when you’re importing from China.  You can’t always trust the supplier.  Some will take your money and won’t even bother to send you the merchandise you ordered.  Others will not send you legitimate products.  If you get knock-off products, you risk being prosecuted, even if you don’t sell them, because it’s even illegal to buy them!  An arrest warrant is the last thing you want to see.  So, the bottom line is importing from China is not safe to do unless you know the supplier can be trusted.  The trick is to verify the supplier will send you the stock and also send you legitimate products.  Then, and only then does it become perfectly safe to import from China.  Research is needed and my secret tool will help you in that process.

Importing From China Contact Suppliers

How to Contact Suppliers

My Secret Tool

My secret tool?  SaleHoo!  SaleHoo will assist you for finding Chinese suppliers that you can trust.  SaleHoo does not add a supplier to their directory until they have gone through a very stringent verification process proving that they can be trusted and they’re real.  Not only that, SaleHoo provides user reviews from real people that use suppliers so you can choose to only deal with suppliers that have passed SaleHoo’s test and of course have good reviews from actual customers.  So if you want to feel secure and safe when dealing with cheap Chinese imports your answer is to use SaleHoo’s directory.

More Tips to Import Safely from China

Here are a few tips on  importing from China safely without SaleHoo.  Only deal with suppliers that have been in business for two years or more.  Look into their history.  You can always Google the supplier and look for reviews.  If you can’t find a review for a supplier, then don’t use them.  Another idea is to ask for samples and buy small lots first.  If the supplier has a website then the the WHOIS details and see if the website has been online for more than two years.  Another good tip is to use Google to verify their physical location and that it actually exists.

Importing from China SaleHoo Laboratory

SaleHoo has a lab for your product research

Do you really have time to do all of that just to secure merchandise to sell?  My guess is probably not.  Instead, why not make an affordable investment in SaleHoo and their directory.  It’s well worth the money and alternative is either having your money stolen with no merchandises  getting illegitimate knock-off merchandise illegally and risk legal problems and that’s even if you don’t even sell the product as it’s illegal to even buy them!


With all of the hassles of finding reputable suppliers from China it only makes good sense to invest in the SaleHoo directory so you know the suppliers you choose have been verified after a very stringent verification process.  Oh, and did you know that with SaleHoo you can even set up your online store?  To learn more about SaleHoo, their directory, their store set-up, their “lab” and user reviews go to this link to get all of the information.  Don’t forget to consider drop shipping.  It’ll save you money and hassle of warehousing and then sending your merchandise to your customers.  It’s all done for you.  Good luck with your eCommerce store!

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What’s It Like Driving a $100,000 Car?

Editor’s note:  Here’s another great email from my friend, business partner and mentor, Jeff Lerner.  Many will think he’s bragging but he’s not.  It’s not his style.  What is his style is the strong desire to help and inspire other people get from where he was to where he is.  Nice read.

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

Let me give you a bit of a disclaimer before I share my story: I am one  of the 3% of the population who is willing to work hard, work smarter, take  some calculated risks, and am willing to follow in the same paths as others who have already achieved the kind of success I want.

The reality is that 97% of the population will not, and so they will never know  what it’s like to drive a car that costs $100K.

Now, I don’t say this to brag, but rather to inspire.

Bragging is petty and shows what your true character is like. Sharing  something to inspire another’s hopes and dreams is both powerful and lasting if done correctly.

That’s what I want to do today. I want to share how I went from driving a beat-up little old car with a TON of miles on it to being able to walk into a Tesla dealership and buy ABSOLUTELY ANY car I wanted right off the
showroom floor.

That day recently happened. I bought a Tesla X… you know, the kind where the doors can open straight up like  Delorean or Lambo.

Yep, that day was nothing short of glorious, and clearly a dream come true  for me.

BUT… it didn’t come doing the same old thing over and over expecting different results in my life. It came because I was willing to be uncomfortable.  I was willing to be the person I deserved to be. To play a different game… a bigger game.

Are you ready to join me? Are you ready to change your future? Well guess what? It isn’t going to happen sitting there reading this email.

It’s ONLY going to happen when you create the habit of action in your life.  The best way to take action right now is to fill out a simple application that shows me you are one of the 3% who is ready, able, and willing to  take responsibility for your dreams and make some different decisions…

Like letting my T3FP Formula finally work for you instead of against you!

Apply now. Join me and I’ll show you how to get the kind of results you’ve  been looking for!

Karatbars Gold
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Company To Link Gold Trade Payment Methods With Cryptocurrency Techniques

KaratBank is creating a new Blockchain-based cryptocurrency based on the ancient legacy of gold.  Whilst not readily used in trading today, gold has traditionally been viewed as a safe and secure investment.  Combining this historical method with the most modern, cryptocurrency, may not seem like a likely partnership.  However, a new company is doing just that.

KaratBank claims that they take the advantages of gold trading and apply it to cryptocurrency.  They highlight that gold is a trusted means of investment worldwide, is limited in quantity (which can push up value) and is also stable in price.  By linking each of their KaratBank Coins (KBC) to a physical weight of deposited gold (in the form of CashGold – 24 carat gold embedded on a bank note), each token has a stable, trusted value.  KaratBank Coins are based on the Ethereum Blockchain protocol allowing for use of smart contracts.  The team describes the coins as ‘the foundation of a strategy to promote the development, infrastructure and distribution of a safer, more trustworthy payment means.’  KBC is linked to KaratPay, an online payment platform.

Their whitepaper describes KaratBank’s end goal as ‘The KaratBank Coin is designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.’  There are many advantages to KBC listed: its links to reliable 24 carat gold prices; the ability to exchange for CashGold at any time; real-time exchanges from any location at any time; the ability to use other popular crypto such as Bitcoin to purchase KBC; free and border less transfers; and the low service charges for using KaratBank.  These advantages have not gone unnoticed, as KBC payments steadily become more and more accepted around the world for transactions.

Reassuringly, KaratBank is cooperating with Karatbars GmbH, (who already has an established community of nearly 500,000 users worldwide who have collectively invested $120 mln), meaning that the growing number of companies worldwide accepting Karatbars as payment will also do so with KaratBank Coin.

The pre-ICO has already begun and will continue until March 21, with the main ICO beginning March 22 (1 KBC = $0.05).  By April 18, the team aims to have KaratBank Coin listed on one major exchange.  By 2020, they hope to have 2 percent market penetration, and market capitalisation at $500 mln.

For a start, KaratBank CEO Harald Seiz has forty years of experience in financial consultancy.  He is also founder and managing director of Karatbars International GmbH, bringing his extensive knowledge of the relationship between gold and cryptocurrencies to KaratBank.  His expertise has been recognised by the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade, who have awarded him a Senatorial Degree.  The rest of the management team also has extensive management credentials from various financial companies across Germany, and the advisory staff boasts experience from Karatbar operations from Dubai to the UK.

The knowledgeable team and proven success record with Karatbars indicates an exciting time for this company, and possibly a revolutionary new way of currency investment by marrying traditional investment methods with new innovations.

Editor’s note:  You can purchase the Karatbank ICO tokens OR you can receive them free with certain purchases from Karatbars International.  It’s free to join but for example you can receive 200 free tokens when you purchase a Silver Business Package.  Or get a smaller amount of ICO tokens when you purchase Cashgold for example.  Here is the link to open your free account.  In addition, here is a You Tube video prepared by one of our team leaders, Michael Dalcoe.  It’s about 30 minutes long but he does a nice job of explaining the benefits of becoming a Karatbars member and business associate and how you can receive Karatbank ICO tokens RISK FREE.  Watch this video then email me if you have any questions:  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get it for you.  Here is the link to open either a customer or affiliate account.  Free to join but you need to purchase a business package or Cashgold as well as other products to receive Karatbank ICO tokens and increase your commissions.

The above news release from the company was posted on March 1, 2018

Disclaimer. Cointelegraph does not endorse any content or product on this page.  While we aim at providing you all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice.

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This New Video Creator App Blows Everything Out The Water

Did you hear about this new ground breaking video creation app that blows everything else out the water?

If not, then see why thousands of people are going crazy to get their hands on this incredible web app.

Videze is the only all in one powerful full-featured web based app that takes the latest video technology, and lets
you create super eye catching Hollywood style animated videos that will draw your prospects and clients in like bees on honey.
You can forget about using complicated software or spending thousands on hiring people.
And there’s no experience or tech skills needed.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a video ever before. This just takes a few simple clicks and your done.

=> Get Access To Videze Here While It’s Still Available

I know there really is a lot of hype in this industry and I know how you feel when you see products that never actually work for you.

But Videze has been in the making for 6 months, which has been built to perfection, backed up with lots of  testimonials.

There’s nothing to download or install, its 100% on the cloud and accessible on all devices.

You literally just click a few buttons and Videze will do the rest.  This is real life cutting edge technology all at your finger tips that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Claim your discount now before the price doubles and becomes a monthly subscription!

=> Click Here Now To Get Videze

The price will automatically double soon and become a monthly subscription so move on this fast before it’s too late.  Oh, and there’s a nice bonus package you can claim at checkout!

Quote of the day:
“The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.”

The Mindset of a Winner
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The Day Everything Changed [When is your day?]

Editor’s note:  Another of Jeff Lerner’s emails I receive that continue to motivate and inspire me.  Some of the reasons I’m involved with Jeff and his team is the honesty he displays not only about business but his personal thoughts, his character and his strong desire to help others get from where he was to where he is now.  Truly believable and refreshing in this crazy world of online marketing.  Please read this and previous emails I’ve posted from Jeff on this site.  Thank you and continued success to you!

Just a handful of years ago I was surfing online looking for a legit way to make money from home (on my own terms) because I was fed up with “the rat race” and knew I needed something more than just playing one-off piano gigs and living from paycheck to paycheck.

Lifestyle Design International

Jeff Lerner

That afternoon is still so VIVID in my mind… I can see it just as clearly as the moment I clicked on the ad. It said, “I made $87,377 in the last 84 days. See how here.”

I was both absolutely blown away when I read that and utterly inspired because at that moment I believed…

I believed in the power of the Internet. The picture of my soon-to-be sponsor and the income he then went on and proved that he was making was the moment it all changed for me.

From that moment on until today, I can honestly say that it was a complete answer to prayer… It really was! Living the lifestyle I now do today, and have done so for years, came from the moment I took action on that little ad online.

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