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All bark and no site

Who do they think they are?


All these holier-than-thou
armchair experts clogging up
my Newsfeed with their dumb
opinions of internet marketing.

It’s hysterical.


There was this one guy yesterday
spouting off about a product website
which he said was, and I quote;

“Badly designed, full of
bad marketing and
embarasing.” (sic)

I looked at the page and
with my experience I thought
it was pretty sharp.

So I called him out in the
best way possible;

“Okay dude – show us one
of your websites then.”


He didn’t have a website.
He was all bark and no site.

Don’t be that guy.

I know, I know.

It can be hard to find the
knowledge, the time and the
resources to get a website

And that’s why most people
resort to taking pot-shots.

But fear ye not because you
can get your own hot-selling
website online in 60 minutes
by doing this;

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